When choosing our brands, it is not only the high quality, optimum efficacy and the burden on people and nature that play a key role. Also the natural basis of the ingredients and the flexibility of the brand, in order to be able to put together a personal treatment for each skin and each skin problem, are important conditions for us.


My Own Serum has been developed for and therefore exclusively for sale at Skins Institute. The serums are made with natural active ingredients, such as pure oils and hydrolates and active vitamins, fruit acids and pro- and pre-biotics.

Any skin type

The philosophy of Skins Institute, that healthy, radiant skin is the result of the right treatment with the right products adapted to each person’s personal needs and lifestyle, fits seamlessly into this. We prepare our serums exclusively for each client. They are suitable for the treatment of a wide variety of skin conditions. These include acne, eczema, extremely sensitive skin, rosacea, dry skin and skin aging. On the basis of a questionnaire and a 30-minute mini facial, our experts will put together a personal recipe that will be prepared for you on the spot.


My Own Serum products preserve, strengthen and restore the skin’s natural balance. The My Own Serum line includes cleansers, toners, skin and body oils, baby oils, hair oils and hair styling powder.